What is Mobilize?

Mobilize is a corporate expression of Christian believers who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and join together in prayer, Bible study, and worship. Our Doctrinal and Worldview Statement is affirmed by every employee, staff member, and person who works for or represents the ministry.

Our comprehensive Christian worldview provides the foundation for all our ministry programs. These include, but are not limited to, prayer, worship, fellowship, training, education, discipleship, missions, and our Holy Land ministry.

Mobilize helps missionaries fulfill their calling. Once your ministry is approved, we will work alongside of you to guide and coach you before the journey begins. This process will help give you the confidence and the tools you'll need to reach full funding.

Mobilize is a Mission Mobilization Ministry

Mobilize offers short-term, long-term, and permanent mission opportunities. Missions include every conceivable calling, skill, and talent. You are not limited to what is currently on our site, but only by how you think God can use you. If you have a calling and you do not see your specific area of gifting listed, or you know a ministry that has a need, then Mobilize can fill the gap to allow God to meet the need. Mission opportunities include assignments in the United States and abroad.

Example 1:
When most people think of missions, they think of foreign countries. But missions include every calling, skill, and talent dedicated to the Lord for the advancement of His Kingdom. The world is the mission field to which God calls individuals to perform a wide variety of functions.

Missionaries may work directly with one of Mobilize’s mission opportunities in the United States or abroad. Mobilize also provides the opportunity for you to experience your passion with one of our partner ministries.

Example 2:
Maybe you feel God's calling to be a youth minister and you know a church that has this need. It's a smaller church that cannot fund the position, yet God has placed this on your heart. What can you do?

This is where Mobilize fills the gap. Even though this specific position is not listed on our website, Mobilize understands the need and will come alongside you, as the missionary, to help bridge the gap and give you the training and platform needed to fulfill God's mandate on your life.

How Mobilize Works:

In the example above, the church doesn't have the funds to pay for the youth minister, but at the same time this person fulfills their calling. How? The missionary can raise support from those who catch the vision and become partners. Mobilize provides the training and tools to help you through this process. Contributions to help fund your ministry are tax-deductible.

How to Raise Support:

When you come to the realization that God has called you to your ministry, it will change your perspective on raising support. With training and support from Mobilize you will gain the confidence you need to raise your own funding, because you'll understand that it's not you asking for funds, but you inviting people to participate in God’s plan for which they receive a blessing. If you are obedient to His call, God will meet every need.

There is no limit to what God can do ... so ask God and begin your journey!